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As school admission season kicks in, anxiety-laden parents started to explore the tricky pathway of admissions. Deep breath! One thing is certain that the process isn’t child’s play. Often as parents, we are focused on the ultimate
objective of getting our child to secure a spot at the topmost school in the city, we end up unconsciously forcing our little one to take on a different persona for the tests and interviews. Spoiler Alert! In most cases, educators and
examiners can see right through that!

A large number of school applications and the taxing admission process may appear to be extremely stressful from the outset. However, it is important to remember that there are simple steps that you can follow to ensure that your child
gets into the preferred school without excessive panic or frenzy.

Start ahead of time!

The most essential step in ensuring that you and your child are completely prepared for the daunting admission process is to start the process well in time. Remember, learning does not happen overnight and the more time you spend with
your child, discovering new information, sharing byte-sized knowledge, making the process fun and like a game, the stronger the grip the child shall have on the topics.

While the content of admission tests isn’t standardized and varies from one school to another, there are certain fundamental things such as letter set, numbers, phonics letter sounds that kids are expected to know.

Make learning fun

As referenced before, as parents we are often caught up with the goal to get our child to be a winner, we may sometimes be forcing information on them which may deter the child’s capacity to ingest information and end up making them
anxious and nervous about the interview. In this period, the focus needs to be on making learning a fun activity, since kids are more receptive to information that is enjoyable. A nice way to boost the learning graph of a child is by
using original hoardings, boards, and color numbers and letter sets in papers, magazines thus making learning fun and intuitive. Each kid is unique and learns at a different speed and rhythm.

A Financial Plan for your Child’s education

One of the fundamental needs of financial planning is education funds for your children. So, when you start your child’s admission, you need to be ready with the appropriate funding option. Prior to beginning the process, it might be a
good idea to consult with your financial advisor/relationship manager at your Bank and discuss options for near-term and long-term investment planning, starting with procuring funds for school admission. Additionally, make sure to
identify the right savings and investment plans for the ~15- year journey. Systematic Investment plans (SIP) or Recurring Deposits are a good option when considering regular investment options, whereas Fixed Deposits are a good option
while parking lumpsum funds. Smart investors can also choose the right plan with an insurance provider to secure the child’s future financially!

Prior to the big day

When all the arrangements are in place, ensure that you don’t pressurize your youngster with last-minute frenzy and hype. Instead, relax and permit him/her as well as yourself to de-stress by doing an activity you truly like: a visit to
the pool, paint, stroll at the park. The previous evening, pick an outfit for the next day with your child and have a casual conversation about the schedule of events for the day, and gradually slide them into the groove for the Big

Finally, remember that if you express confidence in your child’s ability, they will be too! Although grueling, please remind yourself that the admission process is truly designed to help you and your youngster understand the climate
that is best suited to his/her learnings. And, as much as a climate chooses the child, the child also chooses the climate, and more often than not, it turns out to be the best for everyone. That’s all for now folks!

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